Jack Murphy

I’ve been diagnosed with general anxiety for years now. Everything I have ever tried taking to help suppress that feeling has either made me feel extremely lethargic or in slow motion during the day, so I somehow just learned to deal with it on a daily basis, and avoid things that would trigger that. Normally I can control it pretty well, but like a lot of people with the daily practice, there will still be a chance of experiencing episodes or moments of attacks. Being a fitness competitor and getting ready for a show with a vigorous diet and exercise program 6 months out of a year can definitely be a blend for an attack to occur, and usually when it does it can last such a long time for me, and on occasion up to an hour: Not too long ago I experienced an abrupt attack, and my resting heart rate went from 60 bpm close to 130. Wearing a smart watch and tracking calories in and out daily very consciously, and knowing where my bpm’s are supposed to be during the day, I knew it was an attack. Usually I would just sit there and pray it doesn’t last that long, and stick it out, but luckily had a bottle of the panic aide, just in hopes it could help me even in the slightest. Not even 5 minutes after taking it I was back down to my normal resting heart rate, and immediately better, and could not believe how quickly it worked! Even if you don’t experience attacks daily, this is definitely something you want to have on hand just in case, because it did more for me than I would’ve ever thought and even felt better the next day!