• Drink Breathe And Relax Naturally When You Need It Most.

    Anxiety Aide

    A Natual Shot To Help Calm You Down When Your Anxiety Is On The Attack.

A few of our natural ingredients.

We take your anxiety serious.

Before and after brain scans taken with Anxiety Aide +CBD

“Brain activity associated with the experience of anxiety or stress significantly decreased, while neurological markers of relaxation increased.”

Dr. Jay Mishalanie  


What our buyers say

Cheryl,How are you? Tried the PM. It was great. Slept like a rock. I track my sleep and I generally sleep well, but my scores were better than ever. Usually,.

Michael M.

I have to say, you’ve really created something amazing. We started with the Anxiety Aide, and felt the results almost immediately like you’d said (within about 10-15 minutes, maybe less).  It.

Dr. Katherine Koenig

I took your product last night for the first time when I had an attack. It worked amazing. The onset was very quick and it brought me down without having.

Chad Bruckner

I absolutely love this drink!!!! This is my second time ordering it and I will continue. It calmed me down and made me feel relaxed. I love it!!! Two thumbs.

Amanda Mcginnis

Panic Aide has honestly helped me more than medication. I’ve tried so many methods but once this was introduced to me there was no going back. The PM is my.

Paige Ray

Panic Aide is a Godsend. This amazing product will change the lives of so many millions of people. Please if you have tried this product and know how phenomenal it.

Denise Rodriguez

Wonderful product! easy, portable, and it works!!!! If you are in a middle of a panic attack and need a natural remedy, this is it..

Dallas McGinnis

I have struggled with anxiety for several years, I have tried every product on the market to include RX. I’ve worked on self care and mindfulness as ways to cope.

Ernest Stevens

I have been having massive anxiety for the last several months and it has gotten worse. The medications I was taking were not working anymore. I was desperate to find.

Natalie Brett

No foggy morning feeling! This is great for a night you anticipate having a hard time sleeping - one of those you know your brain won't shut off. Take it right.

Tera Davis

I’ve been diagnosed with general anxiety for years now. Everything I have ever tried taking to help suppress that feeling has either made me feel extremely lethargic or in slow.

Jack Murphy

To me, this product is the real deal! Randomly met Cheryl and Matt at a Farmer's Market and bought a few products. One day later, my good friend, who is.

Dave Lopez

I want to tell you that I am so happy I found you. I read about it in Woman World Magazine. I order the Anxiety Aide – and it has.

Veronica Ferrando

WoW...My anxiety immediately subsided after drinking this product..

Joseph Rochefort

I felt anxiety building up today and tried the anxiety product today. I felt relief..but no sedation or bad effects. I am glad to have something that helps with that.

Charlotte Tropp

The Panic Aide line of products does a wonderful job of easing my anxiety and stress. I highly recommend these items..

Sherri Sullivan

Great product! 5 Stars all the way!.

Josephine Roepe

My best friend was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler going 75 MPH. I was the first person she called from the scene. I had to keep my head together and.

Bridget Black

I have been a Massage Therapist for 24 years. And always looking out for pure and real products to help my clients thru life. I came across Panic Aide and.

Jeannie Grayson

I give it 5 stars..

Cari Ott-Manderscheid
We Care

Why we use glass bottles?

Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality and purity

100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement. Approximately 1 million sea birds also die from plastic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety Aide combines all of the proven ingredients together in one shot to help bring you down when your anxiety and panic start. It is a drink so it is bioavailable within minutes and even tastes good!

It lasts between 4 – 6 hours depending on your metabolism.

No there are no ‘drugs’ in it and all are natural ingredients similar to vitamins.

There are no side effects unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. 

Anxiety Aide was made to be taken once you feel anxiety or panic start no matter what time of day.

It is made in Dallas, Texas with all ingredients made in the USA.

You can, but it was made specifically for when you need it. You can also take it prior to an event, speech or performance to calm you down.