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Cheryl Accardi, Founder & CEO

The idea for Anxiety Aide was born out of founder Cheryl Accardi's personal struggles.

From the age of 19, she suffered from dizzying panic attacks and crippling anxiety that made her world very small. She missed family events, refused to travel, stayed holed up in her house for months, never ate at restaurants, and so much more—all due to paralyzing fear and panic attacks.

She tried prescription anti-anxiety medications for years, and while they helped level her emotions, they didn’t stop the terrifying panic attacks. On top of that, they gave her a slew of undesirable side effects, namely extreme fatigue.

Then, Cheryl became a mom and had to watch her kids battle anxiety attacks. Enough was enough! Fed up, she knew she needed to find a natural solution for her and her children.

She soon discovered the calming effects of certain nutrients and herbs, such as magnesium, ashwagandha, lavender, chamomile, CBD, and L-theanine. Maybe I can mix these together to create my own natural remedy, she thought.

Cheryl worked with doctors, chemists, and formulators, and after hundreds of versions, the right ingredients came together to make Anxiety Aide, a gentle yet potent two-ounce drink made with all-natural, plant-powered ingredients. Its effectiveness was even confirmed via brain scans!

Since seeing the positive results in herself and her children, Cheryl has made it her mission to share this natural remedy with other anxiety sufferers. She also volunteers for several mental health and suicide awareness charities, NAMI being one of her favorites.

When you choose Anxiety Aide®, know that you’re helping the greater good too, as we donate 10% of net proceeds to mental health and suicide prevention charities.

Anxiety Aide donates 10% of net proceeds to mental health and suicide prevention charities.