Ernest Stevens

I have struggled with anxiety for several years, I have tried every product on the market to include RX. I’ve worked on self care and mindfulness as ways to cope with stress. I came across Anxiety Aid and was intrigued. As a first responder I have to be very selective of what I put into my body. Anxiety Aid has no CBD which was a huge positive for me due to drug screening policies and the uncertainties that come along with CBD. I received a bottle of anxiety aid and after a very stressful day I drank a bottle and laid down. Within 10 minutes I was yawning and relaxed. I drifted off to sleep for about 45 minutes. I woke up alert and completely stress free. I am very skeptical of new products and I totally believe in this product. On a separate note, I also received a bottle of PM aid and my wife who struggles to sleep sound drank a bottle before bed time. Best nights rest she has had in a long time with no drowsiness upon waking in the morning. I tell everyone to do your own research and make your own judgments but that being said, I did my research and tried the product myself. I will be a life long customer! Thank you for reading this post.