Dave Lopez

To me, this product is the real deal! Randomly met Cheryl and Matt at a Farmer’s Market and bought a few products. One day later, my good friend, who is a fitness competitor, experienced nothing short of a miracle. His resting heart rate was about 60, and he wore an Apple Watch in preparation for a competition. He would periodically look at his heart rate and noticed it jumped from 60 to 130 while he was just sitting in his room. He reached for the Panic Aide product, we’d bought the DAY BEFORE! And within 5 minutes, his heart rate went back to normal and remained normal! He also mentioned feeling amazingly refreshed and relaxed the next morning. That inspired me to try the PM product and upon doing so, also experienced an amazingly good night’s sleep! I’ve tried many products, the PM really works well. Highly recommend PANIC AIDE products!! You’ve tried everything else – now give this one a try!!!